The Visiting Goddess

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    I arrive at your apartment before you get there. I silently lie myself on the ground and wait until I hear the door open, I peer up slightly as you come in and see me. "Well, your Mistress has you trained well, huh?"

    "Yes Godde...."

    "Shut up, lick my asshole."

    You pull down your sweaty jeans quickly and plant your ass on my face, sitting fully without care on it as I lick your dirty ass and you rub your crack softly over it. You moan slightly.

    "Your Mistress is right about making you hold off on cumming, you don't gag at all, do you?"

    I groan out, disappointed that you was right.

    "Do you want to cum, subbie"

    You sit up slightly and let me answer but not high enough to not still feel the heat coming off your asshole.

    "Yes, please Goddess," I beg breathlessly, panting.

    You smirk, "So you'd rather cum than please me, is that is?"

    " Goddess," I stammer fearfully.

    "That's what it sounds like," you say firmly.

    "I...I wanna lick your ass Goddess, but...I wanna get," I say desperately.

    "What would your Mistress say if you asked her that?"

    I pause..."She...she'd say, Goddess."

    "And you want me to do something she wouldn't allow?" You say sternly.

    I look down, defeated, "No Goddess."

    "Good boy, now back to licking my asshole." You say as you waste no time in sitting on my face again, burying me in a prison of odor but I had to please, if I ever wanted to get off again, I had to please her and anyone else Mistress demanded.

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